Sunday, January 23, 2011

Log Your Memory

I am still keeping up with a daily journal for 2011. I haven't missed a day, although several days are just lists of ToDo's and TaDa's. And after 3 weeks, I have also kept up with the weekly Log Your Memory layout challenges. The challenge theme for the year is This is Your Life. Each challenge will follow one of these six formats: a Journaling challenge, a Copycat Challenge, a One Word Challenge, a Picture Perfect Challenge, Reflection Challenge, and a Real Life Challenge.

The month of January is Find Your Focus: Goals, Challenge, Projects and Dreams. The first week was a journaling challenge to create a list. I met the challenge in my 2010 Review Album and then followed up with an additional layout on the challenge. I built this layout from a class taught by Timi Forrest at By Design Scrapbook Boutique.

The second week was to choose a single word as your focus for the year. This was easy since it repeats the class and project I am following with Ali Edwards and at first I thought I would just consider the challenge met with the 9-pocket project I did earlier. However, I have an assortment of half-finished pages that I have done a various classes so I took a layout that Jessica Colby taught (also at By Design!) and turned it into my "One Word" LYM layout.

Because both of these layouts were built with materials from a workshop, I do not know who the manufacturers are.

This 3rd week was the hardest so far... "Share a Dream." Yeah, when these things get too personal it gets hard!! However, the word dream to me is not the same as a goal. A dream is more of a wish or an unrealistic attainment -- not really something that you have control over. So, I did a layout about the Texas Lotto. We have played the lottery twice a week, every week, since it started in 1992 with the SAME 6 NUMBERS!! That kinda means we can't stop! We KNOW those numbers. If we didn't play and they hit -- OMG. Don't even want to think about it! And we have a great time talking to each other about how we will spend our millions when those numbers hit. And the best part is that it is a dream... and we are truly aware that the fun and the pleasure is in the dream itself... in the pretend and the 'what if'. We are so blessed that our dream can be just an extravagant fantasy.

These papers are from Quick Quotes "By the Bay" collection. The ship is Cricut Life is a Beach cartridge.

Next week's challenge is to pick a project and figure out how to complete it. And hey! I'm on a roll! What's one more thing to complete???

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  1. Nice job on this. You are so right what's one more project to complete. Great job