Friday, January 7, 2011

One day at a time...

I didn't delete yesterday's post!!! (I didn't tell anyone about it either, but I didn't delete it!)

Okay, first of all I want to explain the REAL reason I was finally inspired to set up this site. I alluded to the idea in yesterday's post. It's the NEW 52!

I was stalking some blogs about digi scrapping and came across List Girl (Christine Newman). Her suggestion about trying something new every week during 2011 sounded like a lot of fun... and a challenge! And so, my new endeavor for Week One is this very website!! Yep, yep!! She's Showing Off!! (Note the link for the List Girl blog!! YAY ME!!)

Another reason for wanting a blog is to post my LYM challenge layouts. ( I also mentioned this yesterday but I think I said Log MY Memories instead of Log YOUR Memories. ) The challenge for the first week for Log Your Memories was to use a list of some sort on your layout. Most of the layouts in the gallery had to do with goals and resolutions and plans for the new year. Since I am still feeling behind, I decided to take advantage of that mindset and do a layout for the 2010 Review mini album I am working on. I chose to list all of the books I read during 2010 and emphasize my 5 favorites.

And finally, instead of resolutions or setting out a list of goals for 2011, I am joining a large group in the scrapbook community who follow Ali Edwards "One Little Word" philosophy. For the last 4 years, Ali has started each January with one specific word to be her inspiration for the year... the word that she can focus on, meditate on, and grow with. She has a very large following and I have even chosen my own word the last 3 years... and pretty much forgotten it by MLK day! This year my word is FOCUS. This is actually a fairly popular word chosen by many. However, most of the things I have read by those who plan to FOCUS in the coming year explain a list of things the person wishes to focus on: health, family, work, budgets... etc, etc, etc. My own thought is much more basic... to simply FOCUS -- to live in the moment -- to pay attention -- to realize that multi-tasking has gotten a lot more difficult with each passing year. And to also admit that FOCUS is especially difficult when I am tired!! Therefore, I will touch more on THIS at another time.

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