Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thanks, Cara!

Hooray!! After talking to my precious daughter-in-law and getting a blog tutorial on the phone I was able to move the photos of my Log Your Memory list Challenge layouts that I uploaded on yesterday's entry to the proper location instead of at the top of the entry. S L O W L Y I will learn this thing!!

I was up past 2:30 AM reading Hunger Games. Really enjoyed it and finished it this afternoon. My love for reading has never wavered, but my enjoyment has been lagging the last couple of years. It seems that I seldom just sit down to read unless I am sitting at the table eating alone (usually lunch) or waiting for something or someone (like at Mom's hair appointment or a doctor's appointment.) And so this is one of those areas I want to remember to FOCUS... to actually make some time just for reading. I want to stop and enjoy the story, the words, the emotions that are evoked... and I want to be aware of what I am feeling and learning and savor that experience. However, I think I "savored" a little later than I should have last night, so I am bringing very little to this table tonight.

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