Thursday, January 6, 2011

OK... Just Breathe...

I've been stalking blogs since before I knew they were called "blogs." I think I first discovered Live Journal in 2001 or 2002 and became quite addicted to reading real-life soap operas of people I didn't know. I continued to follow several blogs regularly, adding a variety of celebrity blogs to the list of everyday people. Plain people blogs spilled over into other social medias and I started following people I actually knew on MySpace and then Facebook. My blog-reading didn't stop, though. However, the blogs I currently read are mostly related to scrapbooking in one way or another -- either paper crafts of all kinds or digi-scrapping or crafts that are specifically Cricut related. However, through all the years of following blogs (sometimes as many as 25 on a regular daily basis!) I have never had one of my own. Welllll, actually I have HAD a blog -- or 2 -- or 10... but I have never ever posted an entry!!!

I think the biggest reason I have held back is because I have never been able to decide on a purpose for my personal blog. Would it be for the purpose of personal journaling? It would be a pleasure and a benefit to have records of things I did / saw / accomplished / felt / thought / wondered -- especially as my memory is not very sharp. Or do I just want a place to display my crafts and upload photos and share ideas and inspirations for papercrafts and scrapbooking? Too, there are many opportunities in the scrapbooking community for contests that require the participants to have a website or blog. It is difficult to just jump into this without a plan or a guideline but I am going to give it a bit of a try.

So here, on January 6, 2011, I am going to take the actual plunge!! For one thing, I need to accomplish something for week one of New52. And a place to be accountable for my OLW. OH... and a place to upload and display the Log My Memories challenges. And yes, I will explain all of those things in future posts. But until then, I am going to see if I can actually hit the Post button and let it go live without deleting it within the next half hour!

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