Sunday, January 16, 2011

One Little Word

I am finally caught up on my One Little Word class with Ali Edwards. I didn't get any of this done while I was at Mother's, so Friday I watched the video and did the title page. I actually did 2 title pages and then chose this one:
I really liked the blue Vintage Shabby paper line by Tim Holtz and since I decided to use the album from Janet Hopkin's Family Matter's class, it was really a very nice fit.

Yesterday morning I decided to tackle the self-portrait and (after 38 photos) I actually got a picture that I liked!! The next step was to use Photoshop Elements and apply the overlay to the photograph. This was more difficult than I expected... I didn't get it on the first try... BUT I finally made it work. Wheeeee!! (I did stay FOCUSed!)

Finally, I downloaded the instructions and the .png file for the January prompt and started on the actual jounaling, which meant doing some Internet research and real thinking. I was pleased with what I came up with, though I think my words were rather shallow. There is more to my need for this "one little word" than I wrote on a 2 x 3 card.

And I really like the look of the layered page sizes using the Pink Paislee page protectors.

So now that I am caught up with the creative part of the journey, I need to do a little better job with the real application of my word. I have made lists the last few days but still find that I have strayed frequently and substantially by the end of the day. Making plans really does not help if you ignore them!

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